A New Approach

Sign Proof Redux

Thank you DuPont for your support.

DuPont is a great place to live because of its citizens and they deserve a council that not only acknowledges their voice but acts decisively to resolve community issues.

I have been asked to run from City Council by friends and neighbors concerned with the direction DuPont has taken. Like many of you, I have a a full time job, family, hobbies, and other obligations that consume my time, like the pride of ownership in a good neighborhood that requires attention to maintain it appearance and value. And, also like many of you, I have to prioritize and budget in order to make sure that my house is in order and functioning to its potential. Neglect our obligations and our home’s structure and values are compromised, but it doesn’t collapse all at once, instead it slowly erodes to the point where the value is diminished, or worse, the must be overhauled.

We are facing a similar situation in DuPont.  Since I moved to DuPont in 2000, we have experienced tremendous growth. That growth brought several challenges in planning and execution. As a result, we are now faced with onerous debt and cut services while the citizens are told it is our fault we are in the situation by the decision makers who created that debt through poor choices, wishful thinking, and a lack of vision. It is time to set DuPont back on path and to run it with the commonsense and straightforwardness as we run our own homes.

As a elected member of DuPont City Council, I will provide the following:

  1. Unemotional, data based decision making.
  2. Straightforward communication where my position is unmistakeable to the reader or listener.
  3. Resolution votes from my conscious and break the herd mentality disguised as “consensus.”

Lastly, I will use the above to pursue an aggressive goal: Establish reliable medical transport within our EMS services. DuPont citizens have continuously voted for EMS funding through a levy, yet the perceived services are not currently being delivered due to poor decision making, poor budgeting, and lack of prioritization of the needs of our community.

We are past due for DuPont City Council to provide prioritization and fiscally sound decision making for our core services, and for that reason I would like to respectfully ask you for your vote.